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Tour de Lumbini
18th to 22nd May 2016

Pedal for peace around Lumbini during Buddha Jayanti. “Tour de Lumbini – Pedal for Peace” is a 5-day cycling event in Lumbini from May 18-22, to celebrate peace.

The main aim of the event is to promote Lumbini with the message of peace from Lord Buddha nationally and internationally. The cycling event targets professional riders, politicians, government officials, national and international icons and celebrities to join and ride to celebrate peace during the Buddha Jayanti to his birthplace, Lumbini.

The plan is to have 12 to 14 days ride connecting the two borders north and south by 2018, which will showcase Nepal in sustainable eco-adventure tourism light, promoting tourism for peace and prosperity.

Eventually, the event will also include awarding  prestigious Lumbini Peace Award annually to personalities who work significantly with national and international peace organizations to promote peace-related activities in Nepal.

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