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Ropain Rice Planting Festival
30th June 2019

Touch the earth, sow a tender rice sapling, sing and dance, and enjoy the mud show. Then take a nice hot shower.

The "rice planting festival" of Nepal is one of the country's most important monsoon season festival which marks the first planting of the premier staple crop. Ashar Pandhra or the fifteenth of Ashar is the day when the crop planting season officially begins.

Farmers all over Nepal get to their marshy fields on this day to start work on a positive note. Singing, dancing, mud splashing amidst the planting is a common sight. Enthusiastic tourists often take part in these celebrations in company of welcoming locals, getting in touch with their earthly existence.

Celebrations give way to a feast of Dahi- Chiura (yogurt and beaten rice) washed down by local home-made brew. 



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