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New Year's Day 2075
13th April

Nepali people follow their own calendar system known as the Bikram Era or Bikram Sambat. New Year is called Nava Varsha in Nepali language and is observed as an official holiday. The day usually falls in the second week of April. During this occasion people go for picnics, have get-togethers and celebrate the day socializing in various ways.

Various rituals are conducted and yearly annual carnivals like Bisket Jatra, Sindoor Jatra and Bode Jatra are passionately carried out to welcome the New Year in traditional style. New Year's Eve events and parties are also organized at clubs, hotels and restaurants for party lovers.

Bikram Sambat is 56.7 years ahead of the solar Gregorian calendar. It uses lunar months starting from Baisakh in mid April, Jestha in mid May, Ashar in mid June, Shrawan in mid July, Bhadra in mid August, Asoj in mid September, Kartik in mid October, Mangsir in mid November, Poush in mid December, Magh in mid January, Falgun in mid February, and Chaitra in mid March. 

New Year 2074 event at Gokarna Forest Resort, Kathmandu, Nepal.


New Year 2074 program at Radisson Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepalese New Year 2074 Special Dinner | Hotel Yak & Yeti | Kathmandu

Godvari Festival | Nepalese New Year 2074 Special Event | Godavari, Lalitpur

Welcome 2074 | Nepalese New Year 2074 Special Event | Hyatt Regency | Kathmandu

BLU | Nepalese New Year 2074 Special Event | Moksh Bar | Jhamsikhel

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