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Lumbini Peace Marathon 2018
1st March 2018

Lumbini Peace Marathon 2018 is the only spiritual sports and one of the lowest marathons in the world. The marathon is organized every year on Fagu Poornima (Full Moon Day) to mark homecoming of the Buddha following his  enlightenment in Bodh Gaya. The even falls on March 1 this year. The main objective of Lumbini Peace Marathon is to promote Buddhist heritage sites in and around Lumbini – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the birthplace of Buddha – and disseminate the message of peace, harmony and brotherhood throughout the world. The race begins from Kudan – the place where the Buddha lived after returning to his birthplace following his enlightenment – and passes through Gotihawa, Buddha Ganga River, Tilaurakot, Nilgihawa, Arorakot and Dohani before concluding on the Mayadevi Temple premises in the Lumbini Sacred Garden. A section of the track passes through Mother Mayadevi Maternity Route – the route used by Mother Mayadevi to return to her palace after giving birth to Prince Siddhartha Gautam in Lumbini.

Lumbini Peace Marathon 2018 | Local event in Nepal


  1. Full Marathon
  2. Half Marathon
  3. 5 KM Run

Date: March 1, 2018

Organizers: Buddhist, Adventure Sports Tourism Society, HimEX Nepal

For registration:

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