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Enjoy plush in-city 5-stars or  jungle resorts in the suburbs; try other star accommodations each offering its own unique experience; opt for more moderate accommodation at one of the many budget hotels ideal for a backpacker, or try charming village homestays and tea houses as you make your way through the Himalayas, mid hills or Terai. The options are aplenty.

Nepal offers a wide range of tourist friendly accommodation throughout the country. From high-end five-star hotels to mid-range family friendly hotels to backpacker friendly guest houses. 

To ensure quality service, it is advisable to use the facilities and services of Government registered hotels, lodges and homestays. Most hotels offer a choice: bed and breakfast; bed, breakfast and one other meal; or room and full board. During spring and fall, hotels work at near full capacity and are booked well in advance. Therefore, it would be a good idea to check well in advance and book hotels as per need if traveling to Nepal in the peak season.

Moderate accommodation facilities are also available in some parts of Kathmandu like Thamel. In such cases, room rates may not include toilets and showers, unless otherwise indicated. Toilets and showers in such cases are generally communal and heating may require additional charges. Such small hostelries are preferred by budget tourists and FITs.

Accommodation facilities are available in the mountain tourist areas. While trekking to some areas tenting may be the only alternative if resident villages are scanty and long way off trekking routes. However, most trekking routes have lodges or tea houses to accommodate tourists. Still to be on the safer side, we recommend that tourists look up on such information before  their journey.

For accommodation in rural areas, please contact the local homestays.

For more information about accommodation

Please log on to  (official website of Hotel Association of Nepal - HAN)


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