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Pokhara Street Festival from December 28
3rd Planet travel portal launched
Change in the air
Nepal To Host Bollywood Event Next Year To Promote Tourism
Tallest rock climbing wall is in Nepal

Pokhara Street Festival from December 28

The Pokhara Chapter of the Restaurant and Bar Association of Nepal (REBAN) is going to organise the 13th Pokhara Street Festival from December 28-January 1, 2012.

Speaking at the press meet organised by the chapter , Coordinator of the Festival organising committee Shree Ram Giri said that the decision was taken to organize the food festival on the eve of the English New Year-2012 aiming to promote tourism.

The festival would be crucial to exhibit various arts, cultures and customs of Pokhara city in the international market, said Officiating CEO of the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Subash Niraula.

The festival would be organised along the road from Fishtail Gate to Lake Side.

Duet song, pop song, including other cultural performance would be the attractions of the festival, said the organiser.

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3rd Planet travel portal launched

People planning trips abroad in the near future can now make use of an online resource described as the world's first interactive 3D travel portal.

3rd Planet allows users to virtually explore different destinations through computer-generated scenes featuring genuine sounds to mimic the environment.

The tool can help travellers plan trips by allowing them to take a virtual flight around the planet and zoom into specific locations to discover new places of interest.

Journey to Everest is the first experience available on 3rd Planet and will be open for free to the first one million people around the world who log on to the site and sign up.

Developed in cooperation with the Nepal Tourism Board, the 3D journey showcases some of the sights and attractions on offer in the country along the route leading to Mount Everest.

Prachanda Man Shresta, chief executive of the national tourism agency, said 3rd Planet provides an opportunity for the beauty of Nepal to be presented in "a totally new dimension".

The portal was developed by Singaporean entrepreneur Terence Mak, who set out to use the power of interactive 3D technology to provide a new planning and discovery tool for travellers and people interested in foreign destinations.

Mr Mak said: "3rd Planet will offer end users an unparalleled experience to better visualise tourism destinations and equip them with more knowledge of what the locations have to offer before they travel."

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Change in the air

Despite its relatively small size, Nepal is so strategically located on the boundary between Asia's two eco-biological domains that nearly one in every ten bird species in the world is found here.

Altitude variation in the Himalaya and its climate diversity means that the country has 867 species of birds: more than the entire North American continent.

Bird watchers from all over the world throng to Nepal, but tourism experts say we haven't even scratched the surface of its potential. Hum Bahadur Gurung of Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN) says: "Unlike trekkers who pass through villages and spend less, birdwatchers linger longer in a place and usually spend more."

Birdwatching guides also earn more than trekking guides, and can generate employment and income for local nature clubs. Bird watching is not just limited to tourists, every year BCN organizes bird watching trips where locals, students, hikers and bird lovers walk trails to spot birds.

Jyotendra Thakuri, the Conservation Officer at BCN says students from Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu University who want to pursue a career in environmental science are particularly interested as are locals who aim to be bird watching guides. Yet all is not well in the bird world. Nepal has 27 Important Bird Areas (IBA) and there are 149 species in the endangered list. Climate change has forced birds to change their migratory patterns and the destruction of wetlands and pollution of rivers and lakes has led to dwindling bird populations (see overleaf).

As birds can fly over vast distances to settle where they find most suitable changes in weather cause them to shorten their migratory routes and confine themselves to smaller ranges.

The Ibisbill which once roosted on the banks of Trisuli are now spotted as high as Langtang Valley, proving conservation areas intended for settlement of birds may no longer support them in the next 25 years.

Studies carried out by Birds International predict how climate change may affect the migratory paths of birds. In Nepal alone there are nearly 40,000 points where migratory birds regularly make stopovers. By factoring changes in weather and habitat, researchers have been able to predict how these locations may change in the next 25 years.

Birds play an important role in the ecosystem by controlling the insect population and aiding in seed dispersal, and Hum Gurung feels it is necessary to plan ahead. He says: "We need to not just conserve our current bird population but also be able to adapt to future changes due to climate change."
(Courtesy: Nepali Times)

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Nepal To Host Bollywood Event Next Year To Promote Tourism

Nepal will host a grand Bollywood Night next year, hoping to boost its ailing tourism industry. The Bollywood Night is expected to attract 40,000 people, aimed to promote Nepal as a beautiful destination for Bollywood film shooting.

NTB, together with Thought Waves Media Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, will organise this event, which expected to bring some 200 people including film artists, technicians, script writers, directors and producers.

According to Managing Director of Thought Waves Vielas Salunkke, the event which will be held at Dasharath Stadium of Kathmandu, will benefit Nepal's tourism industry as Nepal is the number one market for Hindi films shooting outside India.

India is the major source of tourists coming to Nepal and Bollywood industry can play an important role in promoting tourism in Nepal, he pointed out.

More than 130,000 tourists arrived from India by air in the first 11 months in 2011 comprising 26 per cent of the total arrival and around 500,000 Indians visit Nepal by land, according to the latest data.

Officiating CEOf of NTB Subhas Niraula said the Nepalese artistes have also been making contributions to the Bollywood.

Besides noted actress Manisha Koirala and singer Udit Narayan, a number of other Nepalese artists are also contributing in the Bollywood in various fields such as film photography, script writing, directing, he said.

During the event, NTB will pay tribute to late Dev Anand for his contribution in introducing Nepal to the Bollywood film industry, he said.

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Tallest rock climbing wall is in Nepal

The tallest rock climbing wall is in Nepal. Its height is 150 metres (492 ft.). It is Puranokot Rock Climbing Wall at Puranokot, Duradanda of Lamjung District of Nepal. It has been developed by CHOICE International, USA and CHOICE Nepal. It is single rock in the mountain of Puranokot. The CHOICE Nepal with its Country Directorship of Mr. Bishnu HariAdhikari developed as the rock climbing wall. It was inaugurated on Wednesday, 07 December 2011 by Mr. Chris Johnson, Director of CHOICE International, USA amidst many tourists of Utah State of the USA, Mr. Suresh Man Shrestha, Secretary of the Government of Nepal at the National Information Commission, District leaders and many local communities and students.

Two local youths trained for 6 months by Mr. Tyler Cline of the USA climbed down from the top of the Puranokot Rock Climbing Wall. It is a mindblowing activity. The local people are trained to welcome tourists as home stay in their homes. The Government of Nepal and the Nepal Tourism Board need assisting in black topping the local motorable road in Duradanda to facilitate the tourists and encourage the local people to invest in other tourism related activities. The international communities would be welcome if they are interested to develop other infrastructures.

Mr. Suresh Man Shrestha, Secretary of the Government of Nepal at the National Information Commission felicitated the climbers at the programme in Puranokot, Duradanda organized by the CHOICE Nepal

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